I have been a cigar smoker for over 30 years. Enjoying a good cigar on vacation, in the backyard by a fire after a long day at work, on the golf course, almost anywhere.

About 10 years ago I had the idea to start a line of apparel specifically for the cigar enthusiast. A way to show off one's love of cigars by wearing comfortable, casual clothing with the Stogiewear logo.

I never really did anything with the idea, other than create a logo (shown below). When I went back and looked at it was not the look I was going for.

Over time the idea sat in the back of my head and I kept procrastinating. I finally decided to revamp the logo and come up with something less cartoony and more classy yet casual.

Earlier this year the new Stogiewear logo was decided on and I began to move forward with developing some designs and samples.

I hope that my fellow cigar aficionados will enjoy the designs and be proud to display their love of cigars as much as I do. I will continue to grow the line and come up with fresh new design ideas.